Baby Sprouts Update

26th May 2022

This concept has been a long time in the making, and we are excited to say that (finally) it is becoming a reality.

 Thank you for your patience as well, as we navigate undertaking significant capital works project in the middle of a pandemic, significant resource shortage, natural disasters and a strong local building economy. Each of these hurdles alone would be manageable, but all at once, at times we have felt that we may never finish.

 So here is an update.

  • Internal of the building is painted
  • Plumber returns in a couple of weeks to fit out
  • Tiling has been done
  • Flooring has been done
  • Playground work has started
  • Fencing starts next week
  • Outside painting is starting in a month
  • Electrical fit out is all but done &
  • Cabinetry goes in the first week of June

So, our aim is to have all building works completed by 30.06.22, which at that stage we should then receive an Occupancy Certificate from Council which will allow us to lodge our application to the Department of Education, Early Education and Care Directorate, to licence our new service.

The laws and regulations require us to be set up and ready to open when submit our application. However, they then have 90 days from the time they receive all required documentation to when they must issue a licence by. We are not expecting it to take that long but it will be completely out of our hands.

So worst case scenario is that we will be operational as Baby Sprouts and licenced to care for 16 children by Monday 3 October 2022. I apologise if this time frame does not work for your family, and please know we will do all we can to make it sooner, I am just providing the absolute worst case scenario.

We have already put the Department on notice to push our application through and we know that our local Member for State Government, Mr Adam Marshall will jump in and help advocate for us and you as the families, who are desperate for this service to open.

We are just finalising the data base system that we are using and preparing the family handbook for enrolment. Once that is completed, we will send it to families to complete their formal enrolment with Baby Sprouts and secure places.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be in touch shortly with another update.