Baby Sprouts Update

16th August 2022

I am excited to let everyone know that we have received our Occupation Certificate from Council and lodged our application for licence with the Department of Education to open our service. YAY! 

As previously mentioned the Department guidelines state that they can take up to 90 days to process our application.

 To pre-empt receiving the Occupation Certificate from Council we submitted all other documents earlier this week to ensure we had everything that the Department would require. We received confirmation from the Department yesterday that once the final certificate was provided they could progress our application. 

We have requested that our application be considered with priority and our local field officer for the Department of Education confirmed today that she is monitoring its progress in the system and will schedule a visit as soon as it is passed on to her.

 I still don’t have a firm start date but this is a big step in the process of Baby Sprouts becoming a reality.

 In the next 2 weeks we will open up the official enrolment process and provide a parent handbook to families to improve your understanding on how we will operate this service.  This will include operating hours, what you will need to bring, what will be provided and the cost per day.

 We have commenced recruitment and are well underway in the training process for qualified team members and look forward to sharing with you who these wonderful team members will be. Majority of these team members have already commenced with us some time ago and are working within our other teams until we are ready to open.

 We are awaiting the arrival of some key furniture and resource orders and should see them come in early/mid next week.

 The rain is delaying the completion of the playground space but this will not hold us up in relation to opening Baby Sprouts and clear weather next week will allow us to progress quickly.

We will be holding an open day for all families to visit the service as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for this.

Again, we thank you for your patience and look forward to welcoming your little one to Baby Sprouts soon!