Fee Information

24th July 2023

2023 Fee Structure


Kindamindi, Jack & Jill, Ashford, Tingha, NRAV Mobile Preschool Fee Structure

 In 2023 our preschool fee structure has been reviewed in line with new terms and conditions of our funding agreement by the Department of Education. Start Strong Fee Free Preschool continues in 2023 but under a different framework that results in a change in our fee base and how we apply your Preschool Fee Free Days.

 IDFS have had to undertake a full budgeting process to comply with the new funding guidelines in determining the daily fee cost for all enrolments. We can apply a fee structure with two levels. Please note that IDFS preschool fee structure was highly subsidised through different funding streams. We had and continue to have one of the lowest preschool fee structures in the state.

 In 2023 our preschool fees will be $45/day full fee and $25/day for children who identify as Indigenous or from a low income family. Low income families, we will require you to provide a copy of your Healthcare Card/Pension Card.

 From there you will be able to claim your Fee Free Preschool funding. To do this we will require you to provide consent for us to claim this on your behalf, this is through signing the Fee Relief Declaration. This then will result in us applying a discount to your fees for the term. Fee Free Preschool discount totals $1,055 per term (scaled if enrolled for less than 15 hours per week). Please note that this discount is ONLY for children aged 3 years and over.

 The Preschool Fee Relief will result in a minimum of 2 days FREE per week for 2023. It will be 3 days FREE per week for children who identify as Indigenous or from a low income family.

 Please note that this is subject to change in 2024 in line with government funding and regulation guidelines.


Long Day Care

You may be eligible for a Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from Centrelink. This is based on your income and paid to approved Child Care centres to reduce your childcare fees. To check your eligibility please follow this link, Child Care Subsidy - Services Australia.

2023 Start Strong for Long Day Care

The fee relief funding (Fee Relief Payment) is calculated as a flat rate annual allocation of $2,110 per enrolment for eligible children in 2023.


The Fee Relief Payment may increase slightly each year in line with changes in the cost of living. The rate above includes indexation for 2023.

The Fee Relief Payment is offered to families as a weekly reduction to their session fee or gap fee (after the Child Care Subsidy has been applied) allocated across the service’s total number of operating weeks for the calendar year.

This fee relief is in addition to and will not impact Child Care Subsidy payments provided by the Australian Government.

To be eligible for funding under Start Strong for Long Day Care, a child will need to be:

  • at least 4 years old on, or before, 31 July 2023;
  • attending an eligible early childhood education program;
  • listed on CCSS; and
  • not yet in compulsory schooling.

Children who are 6 years old will be eligible for funding. Where required, a Certificate of Exemption from compulsory schooling must be in place.

Note: Families do not have to be eligible or receiving the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to be eligible for Start Strong funding.

Citizenship and residency status are not taken into consideration for eligibility of children for funding under Start Strong for Long Day Care.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts fee is $79 per day.
Little Sprouts is a government approved CCS centre.  

Catherine Campbell

  • “Bush Babies” 6weeks - 2yo, $90 per day.
  • “Wattle Room” 2yo - 3yo, $80 per day.
  • “Gumnut Room” 3yo-5yo, $80 per day.

Catherine Campbell is a government approved CCS centre. Food is provided for all children enrolled at CCC. We ask that you do however bring a piece of fruit each day to share.

Vacation Care
Vacation care is charged at $55 per day inclusive of excursion costs and is eligible for the CCS rebate. Fees are charged the week after the holiday period and emailed out to parents, with payment required within 4 weeks. You are charged for all days booked, even if you don’t attend and are absent those days.

Family Day Care
Please contact Grow Community Hub for more information.
02 6721 8851 or 0437 677 431 or email fdc@idfs.net.au